Refurbishment Finance
With refurbishment finance, you can improve the state of a property. Whether you are the current owner or you need refurbishment finance to improve the condition of the property you intend to buy, Leodis Financial can link you up to the financing option that is catered to your needs.
Rather than offering rigid one-sized financing options, we search the market to find the financing deal that is most suited to your needs. Improving the condition of your property can significantly increase the value of your property. That way if you have a mortgage, you increase the value of your share in the property. This can offset the initial mortgage you took out on the property making it more reasonable.
For landlords, refurbishment finance is an excellent way to improve the state of a property so that they can charge higher rents. The increase in demand and in rent can easily help them pay off their refurbishment loan while giving them a continuous stream of healthy income.
For buy to let landlords, refurbishment finance can increase the market demand of the property. By making it more family-friendly, the prospects of getting long-term tenants increase substantially helping them secure a steady flow of income.
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