Asset & Equipment Refinance
Apply now for asset and equipment refinancing that is quick and inexpensive.
Asset finance is used when you need equipment for the business to grow but don’t have the funds
or prefer the company spread the cost over a term to secure funds for another day.
Leodis Financial provides access to lenders specialising in asset finance and asset refinance for a wide of both new and used assets.
Refinancing gives you the best of both worlds: you may keep using the asset while also getting cash infusion into your firm.
Asset refinancing is a method of raising additional capital from existing assets for a variety of objectives. The assets could be debt-free or subject to an existing finance agreement with Leodis Financial or another finance company, as long as they have enough equity.
We can help a client’s cash flow and stability by releasing capital tied to fixed assets. The funds can be used to reduce existing liabilities or restructure existing agreements to free up equity.
A financing lease or a lease/hire purchase agreement can be used to refinance assets.
  • Cost-Effective Benefits:
    You can prolong the funding time, cut payments, and unleash additional cash into the business by consolidating existing asset finance under a single arrangement.
  • Confidence in the long term:
    Some types of loans can be repaid on demand. We can provide finance for up to five years on a fixed-term basis, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.
  • Choice:
    We're interested in a wide range of assets, including plant, trucks, cranes, agricultural equipment, and any other asset with a resale value.
  • Control :
    Nothing stands in the way of you using the assets, you decide show the additional cash is utilised to fit your business need
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Asset Refinance scenarios that may occur
The following are some examples of asset refinancing scenarios:
Buying more equipment: Some businesses may find it difficult to acquire asset finance for new gear, but they may be able to raise capital by refinancing old assets (or by offering them as additional security).
Raising capital: Without the need for outside investment, a company can raise capital for expansion.
Management buy-ins/outs: Refinancing a company’s assets might help you raise funds to buy another company or help you restructure your own.
To reduce existing monthly commitments: To extend the remaining balance of an existing financial agreement over a longer-term in order to lower existing monthly commitments (to reduce the monthly payments).
Replenishment of Working Capital: To restructure existing debt.
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  • We can find the best options for you and adjust them to your needs.
  • We make it as simple as possible for you to invest in your business.
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