Finance Leasing
Finance leasing refers to the rental of an item rather than the purchase of one.
We can create a solution to your needs that will meet even the most difficult and complex finance
requirements by having contact directly with the underwriters.
Leodis Financial provides asset finance and asset refinance for a wide range of both new and used assets
Finance leasing refers to the rental of an item rather than the purchase of one.
Businesses that want to rent, buy, or refinance existing assets should consider leasing.
We can create a solution to your needs that will meet even the most difficult and complex finance requirements with having contact directly with the underwriters.
A finance lease is a contract between a funder and a customer that allows the client to use an asset in exchange for a rental payment over a certain period of time.
In most cases, we calculate rentals over a set period of time. We’ll have recouped the cost of purchasing the asset on your behalf by the end of it.
Despite the fact that you never own the asset, we usually allow you to share in the majority of the sale proceeds at the end of the term. Unless the lease is a lengthy financing lease, you can choose to deduct the rentals from your earnings (subject to HMRC Statement of Practice 3/91), while we keep any capital allowances.
You choose what equipment you want to buy and where you want to buy it, negotiate any discounts and best terms with your vendor. The lender will buy the equipment on your behalf and lease it to your company for a set period of time, allowing you to have the equipment you need without having to take ownership.
Benefits for the business:
  • Speed:
    You can get equipment right away without having to pay a lot of money up front.
  • Choice:
    Manage your financial flow by paying for important equipment over time. Make a decision about whether to return the equipment, extend the lease, or buy it at the end of the term.
  • Get the most out of your money:
    Leasing can be classified as a revenue expense; therefore it may not need to be factored into your capital budget. For additional information, speak with your business advisor or accountant.
  • Efficiency in taxation:
    You may be eligible to reclaim VAT on your rents, and these claims can often be adjusted against profit; please consult your business advisor or accountant for additional information.
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“Asset finance is a type of financing that allows companies to acquire the equipment they need to expand.”
We recognise the value and power of asset finance to your company.
Gone are the days when your local bank manager decided your financial future. Today, there is a plethora of financing options available for you to search with Leodis Financial.
At Leodis Financial, we work hard to understand your needs and develop the best asset finance solution possible for your company. Our creative approach can help you uncover the value of current assets and free up funds to invest in your company’s growth.
Asset finance agreements are frequently tailored to the specific needs of businesses, allowing for flexibility in terms of the period you’d like to pay the loan over and the repayment schedules amount.
  • Providing firms with access to critical equipment without the cash flow implications of a full purchase.
  • It can boost a company's financial value by supplementing cash resources and existing bank credit lines.
  • Specific types of asset finance, such as leasing and hire purchase, are frequently regarded as excellent budgeting tools because payments are typically fixed, allowing for better cash flow management.
Why Choose Leodis Financial?
  • We blend financial knowledge with real-world experience.
  • We can find the best options for you and adjust them to your needs.
  • We make it as simple as possible for you to invest in your business.
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