Buildings & Contents Insurance

Essential Protection for Your Home and Personal Belongings

When owning your home with a mortgage, it is a clause of any mortgage that you must have at least Buildings Insurance to protect the Mortgage Companies asset (your home) in the event of damage, subsidence, flooding, fire and much more

What is Building & Contents Insurance?

Buildings Insurance is a policy that covers the actual structure of the property such as roof, walls, floors and some forms of coverings such as laminate (carpet tends to be under contents) and windows in the event of damage or failure.

Some buildings insurance will also cover garages, but the contents insurance will cover the likes of lawnmowers, bicycles and various items that aren’t fixed down.

Contents Insurance is just as it suggests, it covers the contents of your home such as electrical goods (such as tv’s, computers/laptops, tablets), furniture, freestanding appliances and items such as clothes, personal jewellery, carpets.

When taking either policy out, you need to ensure that there is adequate cover in place and that’s why we suggest you talk to one of our experts to help you make sure that you have everything covered.

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