Income Protection

A Regular Income, Even If You Cannot Work

Most of us never imagine that there will be a time that we are not fit to work through sickness or even disability, but it’s something we should be thinking about more and more. Since Covid19, we have seen more people unable to work because of the long-lasting effects of this virus. Obviously, Covid19 is just one example of a long term illness and has made us all think about our own health in more detail.

What is Income Protection?

If you find yourself unable to work due to sickness or disability, then the Income Protection Insurance will pay you a regular income right through to your return to work or if this isn’t feasible, then through to your retirement.

This policy will not pay out the same as the wages you were earning but are usually between half and two thirds of what you were earning before tax. This money is tax free. Money is deducted for the state benefits you are entitled to claim.

There is usually a minimum 4 week wait to be able to claim the payments and this can even increase to 2 years depending on any payments you may get from your employer and for how long, or, you can even claim Statutory Sick Pay for upto 28 weeks after you have finished work.

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