Homeowner Loans

Use your property to raise the extra capital you may need

A loan secured on your home can be a way of raising funds needed for things like debt consolidation, a luxury holiday, or even a car.

Homeowner loans are loans in which your property is used as security. The lender has the legal right to sell your property in case you fail to keep up with your repayment. Since homeowner loans are secured loans, you are likely to get flexible terms.
In case you don’t own your property outright but have a mortgage then only your share in the property will be used as collateral. The homeowner loan you can get depends on the amount required, your share of equity in the property and to a certain extent, your credit history.
Leodis Financial maintains a healthy network of homeowner lenders who are willing to offer flexible terms at a reasonable rate. Depending on your requirements and individual circumstances, we approach the lenders who are willing to offer the kind of deals you need.
Leodis Financial helps you breeze through the process of securing a homeowner loan. Whether it is handling the paperwork or talking to the lenders on your behalf, we take care of everything so you can focus on what matters the most.
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