Family Income Protection

Protect Your Family During Difficult Times

We know that it’s not just the person dealing with a critical illness or injury that is affected both emotionally and financially. The stress and worry of money shouldn’t be a factor in this situation which is why we can help choose the best family income protection for you.

What is Family Income Protection?

The Family Income Protection policy is a type of term life insurance meaning that it is a fixed term cover rather than a whole of life cover. Policies can run for upto 40 years.

This will help to give the family or chosen beneficiary/beneficiaries tax free monthly financial support upon your passing, allowing the family to maintain their obligations and lifestyle for the remaining term of your policy

Each policy is bespoke to the policy holder and we would need to know things such as what your financial commitments are and what term you would want the policy to run

The most common financial commitments that need to be considered whilst discussing the make up of your policy are things such as:

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