Invoice Financing
Money isn’t everything but everything needs money
Invoice finance lets you release funds that are held up in unpaid invoices, meaning that
you can access the funds now rather than having to wait months for payment.
– We compare a number of invoice financing companies throughout the UK.
  • Release up to 90% of the invoice value!
  • Free & No Obligation Service!
  • Low Rates!
  • Invoice financing is risk-free and can protect you from bad debt.
  • Payment is only required for the invoice.
  • Admin time spent following bills and bad debts should be reduced.
  • Offer your consumers 30-90-day payment arrangements to close transactions faster.
  • With one simple form, you can compare the entire leading UK invoice lending firms.
  • Fast service, with full rates available for comparison within hours.
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Invoice Financing at Leodis Financial.
  • The procedure is straightforward. Issue a credit invoice, get paid the same day, and have the amount collected by the lender by the due date.
  • Improved cash flow – Increase your cash flow without waiting for your clients to pay you for up to 120 days.
  • We will attempt to understand your needs and aspirations once we receive your inquiry and will match you with the most suited funders from our panel.
  • We also recognize that your company’s needs may evolve over time. As a result, we assign a Consultant to each customer to ensure that our service offering remains relevant throughout the life of your company.
  • An invoice finance broker with a ground-breaking digital on boarding procedure that allows you to get funds faster and take on new business from anywhere.
  • Faster growth, release up to 90% of an invoice right quickly, with the remaining 10% released once the invoice is settled.
  • Save time, you won’t have to track down your invoices since we’ll do it for you.
  • We shall communicate with you frequently, so that we it’s important that we provide yourself and the business with clear, straightforward information to ensure the message is easy to understand.
Because lender criteria are always changing, please contact us for the most up-to-date information on 01274 028 019 or email
Having cash tied up in unpaid invoices from your customers can stop the growth of the company, with the facilities of the invoice finance you can release funds that are tied up in the invoices. Invoice finance lets you release funds that are held up in unpaid invoices, meaning that you can access to the funds now rather than having to wait months for payment. The invoice finance solution is available to all businesses that invoice other businesses for their goods or services. It is the easiest way to control company cash flow and get paid quicker for goods or services already been delivered.

Key Requirements
  • You shall need itemized and exact records covering your financial and trading history.
Main Benefit
  • Invoice finance permits you to exploit an undiscovered resource on your balance sheets.
Key Condition
  • Do your clients have an excellent record of taking care of payment on time?
You don’t have to wait until a customer pays an invoice to release funds, basically the lender will be buying the invoice from yourself, possibly giving the company 95% of the value of the invoice upfront, normally taking about 24 hours.
  1. Invoice the customer for the goods or service supplied, then send the invoice to the lender.
  2. Depending on several factors like credit history, up to 95% of the value of the invoice shall paid out to the company ASAP.
  3. When the payment for the invoice from the customer is finally received, that can be chased by the company or the lenders on your behalf.
  4. Once customer has paid, the remaining amount will be sent to your company minus fees via the lenders.
To receive invoice finance, the company must trade using invoices to bill for their products/ services, be a registered UK business and have a turnover of £100k plus.
  • All business size and type considered that trade business to business.
  • Must be trading for at least four months and produce financial history.
  • Customer invoices must be paid within 90 days.
  • A turnover of £100k plus per year.
If you don’t meet the above criteria, you won’t be turned down but the amount you borrow shall be. If this is the case, we may still be able to help the business to release funds needed to grow the business, please call us to discuss the options.
  • Invoice finance helps you to release funds stuck in unpaid invoices ASAP to help manage business cash flow easier.
  • Better and improved business cash flow, fill that gap between providing a product/ service and getting paid by customers.
  • Access finance quickly, get up to 95% of the value of the invoice, and release fast funds normally within 24 hours of an unpaid invoice rather than having to wait weeks or months.
  • Get invoice finance on all your invoices, no need to chase the payment from customer, leave with the lenders so that the business can concentrate on more important matters.
  • Your business customers will not know that their invoice is being managed by a lender, confidential service provided.
Invoice factors.
  • Release up to 95% of the value of the invoice and the lenders will chase the businesses for the payment.
Invoice discounting.
  • Same as Invoice factors but your company accounts shall have to chase for the invoice payments.
Selective Invoice finance.
  • As known as the single finance, where you sell the invoice to the lender to release funds ASAP.
For further information on the types of invoice finance facilities provided, please speak with a member of our team.
The fees and rates normally depend on several factors, which include what kind of business you have, how good and quickly your customers pay invoices, the value of the invoice and the kind of facility you use to chase the payment for unpaid invoices.

For you, a 90 percent advance rate is possible.

Our advance rate offers can reach 90%, which means you might get up to 90% of the value of your unpaid invoices up front.

Finance ranging from £5,000 to £1,000,000 is available.

Invoice financing is an extremely versatile financing option that allows you to borrow anything from £5,000 to £1 million.

Obtaining funds quickly

With invoice financing, you can get cash quickly — your money might be in your account in as little as a few days!

For your piece of mind, we offer 28-day rolling contracts.

Trial periods available

Before you fully commit, test whether invoice financing is the best option for your company.

Trial periods available

Before you fully commit, test whether invoice financing is the best option for your company.

If you require assistance, we are here to help you.

Need Our Help? Please call us on 01274 028 019

Our UK-based team is ready to assist you throughout the duration of your loan.

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