Not sure exactly how much you could be eligible to borrow, or how your income and outgoings affect your borrowing then out Calculators will quickly and easily give you an idication as to what you could borrowand how much you would expect to repay.
Whether you’re planning on moving home, looking to build a property portfolio for rental, looking for a bteer deal on a remortgage of your current property or making that first step as a first time buyer, we have a calculator to help you.
Once you have an idea of what you could achieve then all you need to do is speak to one of our experts who will help match the perfect mortgage to your circumstances. All forms are ready to be filled out online as soon as you are ready to make the application.
There are a number of criteria that must be taken in to account when calculating exactly. These could include but are not limited to:
  • Your monthly outgoings or regular commitments
  • Whether your income is a basic salary or includes bonus, commision or overtime
  • Whether you are self employed
  • The amount of deposit you have
  • Your age and whether you are borrowing past your retirement date
The lender however has the final input in to determining how much you can borrow. Each lender has their own criteria and as a broker we are perfectly placed to match you to the right lender for your borrowing requirements.
The calculators do not have the final say in how much you can borrw, your repayments etc., but this is where our expertise and experience in the field come in to play. We can sometimes make available a higher borrowing by taking your personal circumstances in to account.
*all potential borrowing is subject to affordability checks and credit status.
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